Little Sprouts 20th Anniversary Party

This post is extremely overdue. In March, my mother celebrated 20 years of being  a childcare provider. I was able to celebrate this major accomplishment with her and I wanted to share with it with everyone else, even those who couldn’t be there.

She had many tables set up with various activities to represent the different events and projects she’s had over the years, such as for scrapbooking, gingerbread, seed planting and for all her world famous recipes. She had a trivia and the winner won $20 for the 20 years she’s been in business. She also had a new growth chart, which she used to remeasure all the kids and set up in the closet where the old growth chart was. You can learn more about it here.

She started following her passion 20 years ago. She has always been an inspiration to me to follow my dreams and do everything with your full heart, so it was such an honor and a blessing to be apart of her journey and celebration.

Check out her Facebook page and her blog to see all the wonderful activities she does with her kids and in the garden.


About Kayla Kamp

Hello, my name is Kayla and I’m a multimedia journalism graduate working on first documentary about recycling in Stillwater, OK. I would like to show others how a little more compassion for people, the environment and animals would go a long way in the world. I am striving to shed light on this.
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2 Responses to Little Sprouts 20th Anniversary Party

  1. Andrea says:

    What a lovely video, Kayla…nice work! I’ve only met your mom online, but I’m amazed by all she does. A true angel!


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