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TBI Raiders

My latest project was working with Alicia Murrie, Director of TBI Raiders. It was an awesome project to be apart of because she was so extremely passionate about her cause, which was helping people who suffered from traumatic brain injuries, … Continue reading

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5 Types of Business Videos To Grow Your Business

The days of the boring 30-second commercial that costs 1000s of dollars to produce and air are over. Businesses have more options than ever to share creative content that strengthens their brand and connects with their viewers. If done right, … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Your Business or Product Needs a Video

There are 100s of reasons, why having a video is a good idea for anyone trying to sell their video or product. The most important is it brings a realness that neither a picture, nor just a plain description can … Continue reading

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Good News

So I have some good news and some good news. I’ll start with the good news.Part of my documentary will feature the idea of precycling- the practice of seeking to reduce consumer waste by buying unpackaged, reusable, or recyclable products, … Continue reading

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