Slowly…but Surely

Slowly but Surely

This week wasn’t nearly as productive as it was a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still chugging along. Slowly, but surely as they say. I did get my b-roll from the MRF- materials recovery facility. I got to see where they sort and bail everything. I had a nice conversation with Henry Wells, the owner of the facility, Cedar Creek Farms. Oddly enough, he wasn’t as annoyed about my 15 million phone calls, as I thought he would be. Luckily, he now has my phone number memorized and won’t be ignoring my calls.

That was the last thing I felt like I just had to accomplish for right now. The rest I will get when I have done a little more editing and know more of the subjects I need to go back and get b-roll for.

In the mean time, I am transcribing all my interviews, so I can rearrange it into a script. It is by far the most dreadful part and the part I’ve been avoiding.


You know the struggle is real when there is a meme for it. I’ve asked other people if there was a better way to do it and unfortunately, there just isn’t. It brings me back to my college days, when we had to do it for our newscasts. I had a partner then and while I would type she would pause when I needed to catch up. She would also help me fill in the pieces that I missed, so we wouldn’t have to rewind all the time. I miss those times.

I am searching high and low for someone who repurposes. I have found several people within Stillwater, who meet most of my criteria but after a certain point they have stopped responding. Maybe they are busy, I’m not sure what the problem might be because of the lack of communication. Anything they say, I could make an adjustment to, explain better, what have you but since they’re not saying anything it’s hard to make that adjustment.

Just as I was about to give up, I got another idea. At first I posted on crafting groups local to Stillwater, but there were only two that I could find and they weren’t very big. I posted on pages too that sold that sort of thing, thinking that their followers might know of others, who did that sort of thing. I didn’t have very much luck with that either. I thought they would be my best chance, though were quite a few buying/selling/bargaining type groups. After not having any luck on the crafting groups, I tried those and I had much better luck.

So far, I found one group of women collecting plastic bags to crochet a bed for some homeless people. I have heard of the idea, but I would have never dreamed that I would find someone working on this project in Stillwater. It takes about 1,000 bags to complete this kind of project.

She is part of a group called “Buy Nothing Stillwater, OK”. It is a hyper local gifting community. From what I understand, it is part of a larger network, but the point is that is extremely local, so if you don’t live in Stillwater, I would check to see if maybe you have one for your area.

There are some other options, but I will wait until I see if they are interested before talking more about them.

Another thing I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about is the name. I’ve been calling it “Recycle It: Stillwater Options to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” just give people kind of an idea of what its about if they ask for the name, but I’m not particularly fond of it. It seems too long and obvious. I would like something that implies what it is about without spelling it out. I will probably post a poll next week to get more ideas. I’ve had great success with this idea in the past.

So that’s about it. If you have an name suggestion, please leave a comment below.


About Kayla Kamp

Hello, my name is Kayla and I’m a multimedia journalism graduate working on first documentary about recycling in Stillwater, OK. I would like to show others how a little more compassion for people, the environment and animals would go a long way in the world. I am striving to shed light on this.
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