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#Let’s Make The World Better By…

So, the other day #Letsmakethisdaybetterby….was trending. I thought it was an interesting thought. I saw all kinds of responses from: #LetsMakeTodayBetterBy having no spills with our NEW cups,in 20 snazzy designs.We have one to give away! RT to #win … Continue reading

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How Upcycling Gave Me a New Beginning

New beginnings are hard. Although nothing has really changed between December 31 and January 1, this new year has already had it’s ups and downs. One minute is great and just as I start skipping along whistling my favorite tuneĀ  … Continue reading

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Shedding Light on Upcycling Solutions in Stillwater

I have been searching for a upcycler for quite some time. I really wanted to find someone who did more than slap a new coat of paint on something and call it good. Yes, that does serve a need, is … Continue reading

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