Previous Works

This is my biggest project thus far and I hope watching it inspires you just as much as it did me. This incredible person has dedicated her life to teaching the next generation to care for the Earth. If you are wanting to start gardening with your children this video is a great place to start.

The 20 Leadership Camp is based on the Pareto principle: 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. They sent me the footage and I edited it to help showcase some different aspects of their camp.

I created this video for the OSU Volunteer Center to help promote their services and show volunteers what to do and what not to do while volunteering. Watch this video to learn more about this incredible organization.

I learned about this incredible woman when I did her video for TBI Raiders, which is an organization that helps people who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Learn more about her story here:

This is a cute little slideshow I made for my mom to feature a lesson about butterflies.

This video features TBI Raiders, an organization that helps people who suffered from traumatic brain injuries, succeed in both school and life. They better the lives of TBI survivors through talking with politicians, hosting events to bring awareness and spreading her wealth of knowledge about TBIs. You can find their website here and their Facebook here.

I made this short video for the Master Gardener’s Class in Stillwater, OK. They had a visitor to talk about the importance of water conservation and Coca-Cola gave away 20 syrup bottles to winners in their contest.

This video is for the same Master Gardener’s class, but it’s a slightly longer version to show case more of the class instead of the just Coca-Cola giveaway.

A short and sweet promo video for Direct Effect Mobile to showcase the many traits their business has to make them the perfect choice for your next app project. You can find their website here and their Facebook page here.

My first attempt at kinetic typography. Enjoy! đŸ™‚

The Stillwater Humane Society is always looking for volunteers to help foster and socialize animals, but I wanted to volunteer in a different way. During this visit I met Gypsy. Gypsy is a sweet 40 lb red-heeler mix, who loves people, children and plays well with other dogs. Like all of our dogs she is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. It was an honor to be able to make this video for the Stillwater Humane Society.

My mother celebrated 20 years of child care. I wanted to take all the memories from over the years and put them together, even people who couldn’t be there could celebrate with us. My mom has made such an impact in so many children’s lives and I hope this video gives a small glimpse of that. You can find her Facebook page here and her website here.

This video I made a couple of years ago and it was my first mini documentary. It is about the Wesley Foundation @ OSU International Choir. I met the leader Janina, a beautiful and inspiring leader, at a career fair. I told her I was interested in expanding my horizons into the video world and she gave me this opportunity. Check out this video to learn more about the International Choir.

Here is another video I made from existing footage to help promote the International Choir.


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